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TAX & Accounting SERVICES

In every business, proper accounting records, and strategic tax return planning and preparation are keys to success. Having a proper set of accounting records is not really the goal, understanding what your records are telling you is the goal. At Business Consulting Group, we understand that many independent business owners are good at what they do, that’s why they are in business. Understanding financials, statements, and accounting records might be “Greek” to you.  Business owners do not like to pay more in tax that they feel they should. We agree! Our service dictates that we meet before the year end, project your business and personal tax liabilities, and discuss and develop strategies to reduce your legal tax obligation.

In today's highly competitive business environment, many businesses are aware of the fact that outsourcing some operational functions to experts is the quicker and more effective way of gaining a competitive edge. Functions such as accounting and bookkeeping, payroll function and tax preparation can often impede the productivity of a workforce shifting their focus from key activities that drive revenue. Earlier critics of this move often claimed that businesses would lose control of their organization, business secrets would be revealed and that costs would accrue in the long-term. However, our service proposal is tailored to meet your needs and expectations, Our client businesses realize significant tax savings, increased flexibility and focus.

At Business Consulting Group, Inc, we have continued to help businesses pave their way to the next level by offering professional quality compliance services across diverse industries. Our team of experts is drawn from various fields with in-depth and extensive knowledge in their respective areas as well as a keen focus on current events and their effects on future compliance regulations. This allows us to offer tailor-made services to fit your specific needs in the areas of;

As a business, the ability to focus on your core income generating activities has a direct and proportionate effect on your income stream and growth prospect. By enlisting our services, you earn more than efficiency in your accounting function, you earn an experienced group of experts who will keep you in tune with current trends, regulations and requirements, and who will position you on a path of efficiency and growth. Contact us today to learn more.



At Business Consulting Group, we believe that the primary objective in business is to grow it and make it more profitable and results show that working alongside coaches and consultants help you avoid common bottlenecks and to achieve your goals faster. It is true that sometimes the best guidance and expertise comes from outside the corporate structure. A coach or consultant can take a hard and unbiased look at your circumstances and use their industry knowledge and expertise, guide you in the proper design, planning, and execution of your strategies.

At Business Consulting Group, Inc, we have continually improved the performance of our clients through accountability and focus. Our signature programs are designed with a unique blend of coaching and consulting services.

As consultants, we help you define your business by documenting a winning strategy, clear policies, dynamic actions plans, and projects that steer your company towards your clearly defined goals and objectives.

As coaches, we work with you and your team, individually and as a team to inspire performance and accountability. We will help you improve your productivity through a step by step business coaching process with the outcome of personalized action plans that are geared towards helping you identify and seize opportunities.

Our services pay close focus on the following areas:

At Business Consulting Group, Inc our primary aim is to help clients identify their specific needs, develop target strategies and action plan  and facilitate change for sustained success. Our services in cash management, process development, marketing strategies and human resources are custom designed to boost your productivity, communication, efficiency, sustained growth, and success.


Success in any business is highly dependent on having articulate and progressive owners and managers as well as well thought out, dynamic management policies. Good management enables the owner and managers to make the right call to exploit all opportunities available to it while also anticipating and protecting the business from the adverse effects of the markets.

It is therefore critically important that owners and managers stay in tune with a clear business strategy and also with their surrounding business environment.

At Business Consulting Group, Inc, we continue to make our mark as one of the top coaching and consulting firms. We have helped many businesses understand and prosper through the ups and downs of business across diverse industries. Our commitment to our clients remains the same: innovative thinking, expert strategic and business planning and implementation while paying close attention to your bottom line with accurate and measurable results.

From our extensive hands-on experience in a variety of industries, we provide business owners with well thought out advice on their most critical opportunities and threats. These are encapsulated in our key areas of focus which are: cash flow management, business analysis, business strategies and CFO Services.

Our dedicated team at Business Consulting Group, Inc helps you make well informed progressive management decisions that synergize resources and place you on your intended path of growth. We have continued to exceed expectations with realistic value-oriented management programs and an immense wealth of hands-on knowledge and technical prowess that will place you at a vantage point above your competition. Contact us today to learn more.


Sustainable strategies help businesses to innovate and grow while keeping costs in check and also leveraging the right talent to handle specific duties, responsibilities, and challenges as they emerge. Having the focus and determination to evaluate before responding to dynamic opportunities can reduce the risk of bringing down years of progress.

At Business Consulting Group, Inc, we pride ourselves on our unique ability to support businesses in designing, managing and executing measured strategies in line with beneficial change and sustainable growth. We take time to carefully identify and understand the issues that your business is facing in a bid to deliver strategies that specifically work for you. Our team applies their in-depth and extensive knowledge and experience acquired across various industries to strategically position you in the following respects.

Our team is drawn from respected business experts in various fields with immense knowledge and experience in working with and for various industries. The net effect is that we have continued to make a mark without well consulted and measured strategies and approaches to unique and general business challenges with our clients across various industries. Our advisory services take a keen look at your unique circumstances and match it with our industry knowledge to ensure that you attain your objectives. Contact us today to learn more.