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Cash Management

Many business owners  leave liquidity issues and cash flow management to chance and poor management. It is clear that business owners need to make cash management a strategic function that creates opportunities to flourish despite prevailing economic conditions. At Business Consulting Group, Inc, we have consistently helped clients to liberate cash, improve their ROIC and increase capital velocity. Our team has helped companies re-visualize their systems for improved results and also helped companies facing cash flow challenges avert crisis and thrive beyond the pinch.

Our effort is mostly self-funded with short payback periods balancing short-term convenience with long-term posterity.

Process Development

Processes are central to the realization of strategic intent. They form the foundation upon which businesses generate revenue, meet targets, deliver value and addresses the needs of the customers. At Business Consulting Group, Inc, we believe in continuous process management and improvement as a way of sustaining a competitive advantage. We have helped many businesses improve strategy execution and meet customer needs through agile business process redesign. The net result is increased efficiency, reduced costs, reduced cycle times and improved customer satisfaction.

Human Resources

Your greatest asset is your workforce. Top challenges and priorities are keeping employees motivated, focused and feeling appreciated. Our seasoned coaches work with clients to build teamwork in their businesses, enhance motivation and boost productivity through years of practice and in-depth human relations knowledge. Our aim is to help you create a seamless workforce that blends in with the company strategy and actions plans thereby boosting employee engagement, motivation and consequently productivity.

Marketing Strategies

Customers are central to every marketing effort. Having in-depth insight into your target customer as well as prowess in marketing operations and economics allows you to generate and sustain organic growth in the long run. At Business Consulting Group, Inc, we use our deep customer insight to drive segmentation, positioning, and targeting. This ensures that our client's marketing efforts are in tune with the realities in the marketplace for sustained customer satisfaction.

Business Consulting Group Service 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Cash Flow Management

Our approach to cash flow management is to develop a plan that anticipates upcoming cash flow cycles, providing an opportunity to properly manage this most important asset. Our team of highly experienced consultants will help you design appropriate systems in line with your operations. We will help you evaluate your current system, develop and institute solutions for data collection, processing, and reporting. Our team will help you synchronize financial/management accounting and planning functions in order to progressively manage costs while spurring growth.

Business Strategies

At Business Consulting Group, Inc, we have a highly experienced team of business strategy professionals who draw from our diverse services and hands-on industry experience to deliver targeted solutions on the real issues that pertain your business. We help businesses align operations with their corporate strategy and stimulate accomplishment of business objectives. Backed by our technical prowess and extensive sectorial experience, we will help you streamline your operations in line with a clear-cut corporate strategy for steady and sustainable growth.

CFO Services

In today's rapidly dynamic business environment, your business need a financial function that adapts to the rapid changes inside and outside the company while staying true to your corporate strategy. Drawing on the expertise of our financial staff, we will help you measure the effectiveness of your finance function and identify practices that will improve your efficiency. Our solutions target specific functions and also the complex issues that affect the entire business. Business Consulting Group is positioned to provide on-site CFO services and coaching to companies, large and small, that want to move internal financial management to a higher level.

Business Consulting Group Service 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Best Practices

As observed, change and reality pose unique challenges and opportunities in equal measure to every business and whichever route your business takes depends on your actions. You may decide to experiment but this method is inefficient and costly. At Business Consulting Group, Inc, we take a hard look at your unique circumstances and using our extensive knowledge and experience in similar successful models, advise on the best ways to address your specific needs and challenges. Our approach takes best practices as a foundation through which you can chart your own path with higher certainty rather than a clutch that maintains the normal flow of operations.

Business Plans

As a tool of business stewardship, a business plan charts a clear path for the business, its function, and responsibilities. As such, it sets a framework that can help you address a myriad of business problems while staying true to the original vision, mission, and goals. Bearing the critical importance of this tool, our team works with you to develop an all-around business plan that enhances certainty for the future. In prospect, this will help you address many issues at present and in the future with regards to cash flow concerns, hiring policies, pricing, and cost control among other managerial issues.

Tax Planning Strategies

As a business keen on cost savings and growth, it is necessary that you take the time before your tax year ends to reduce your income tax. At Business Consulting Group, Inc, we work with clients across various fields to understand their unique circumstances through one on one discussions and then developing strategies that trigger and inspire tax savings. We guide our clients in areas of direct and indirect taxation. We will help you review the tax implications and also offer guidance on the tax efficient employee remuneration strategies, asset acquisition and disposition strategies and on proposed business transactions such as joint ventures, mergers, and acquisitions.

Business Consulting Group Service 100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Tax Return Preparation

As one of the most tedious tasks in business, many businesses fail to realize the potential of using this avenue to reduce their tax liability. Through our technical expertise and industry knowledge, we will stand in as your advocate, take full advantage of all existing laws to ensure that we reduce your tax liability to the lowest legal amount. Our services are timely and highly efficient which means we will not disrupt your operations during the filing preparation process.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Our highly trained and extensively experienced accounting staff provides general ledger posting, reconciliations, monthly financial statement preparations and any other custom reports that are beneficial to you. Our team will work with you to identify and localize the specific and general services that you need. We will also add efficiency to your bookkeeping function by setting up a schedule that creates timely and efficient data collection, recording and handling.

Payroll Services

Backed by over 60 years of experience and intensive training, our payroll staff will assist you with efficient and timely preparation of payroll checks for internal purposes as well as external reporting. Through our sectorial and industry knowledge, we will ensure that you conform to all payroll reporting requirements, regulations, and best practices together with confidential and timely reporting as required.