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Business Consulting Group Inc. has years of experience in business development and a passion for helping their clients achieve goals. Their approach is different than other experts because they are there to teach you not do it for you.

Business Consulting Group will work with you to identify what you do effectively and what needs attention. They will coach you in how to define your goals and clarify your vision of success. Together you will develop a clear path and realistic timeline to reach success.

One of Business Consulting Group’s most cherished principles is teaching owner/managers to focus on their strengths and delegate the rest. Delegating is often difficult for those in charge. You feel like you are letting go of your responsibility but what you are doing is showing trust in others.

When you focus on your strengths, you enjoy managing your business. The more you enjoy what you are doing, the more successful you are. As an added benefit you also model what success looks like to your employees.

Modeling the right behavior and trusting your employees to follow your lead is one of the wisest and most strategic choices a leader can make when the focus is business development.

Barbara Earl, client accounting service manager, Business Consulting Group, Inc.

ROBBY REYNOLDS  - president

Barbara Earl, client accounting service manager, Business Consulting Group, Inc.

BARBARA EARL - client accounting service manager

Brad Walker, business consultant, Business Consulting Group, Inc.

BRAD WALKER - consultant

Tracy Harper, client services manager, Business Consulting Group, Inc.

TRACY HARPER - client services manager

Dwayne Parker, consultant/business coach, Business Consulting Group, Inc.

DWAYNE PARKER - consultant/business coach