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Step 1 - Schedule Your Complimentary Business Wellness Checkup

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Business Consulting Group coaching starts with a free session. In this session, you and Robby Reynolds, president and founder, will discuss your business from your personal, unique perspective, and then what’s standing in your way. With honest feedback, you’ll immediately start seeing your business with a new clarity and understand the steps you need to take to produce immediate results and long-term change. Click the "Schedule" button above or call (704) 487-0638 to schedule your complementary, no obligation session today.



As an Business Consulting Group Client, you’ll have a real and in-depth conversation about the current condition of your business on everything from leadership and management to marketing and sales. Your coach will help you prioritize, establish next steps and give you the tools you need to find and solve the root causes of your most pressing frustrations.


Step 3 - set your goals

After you’ve addressed your most immediate needs, your coach will give you the tools you need to write your future vision and establish your long-term goals. You’ll create a picture of the company you want, one that reflects your values and expresses them through the look and feel of your business, its size, location, your culture, target market, product mix and desired financial results. You’ll have a plan that makes sense to get from where you are today to where you want to be.



Every single step of the way!

As you work toward achieving your future vision, your coach will ask you the right questions to help you apply what you’ve learned and track key metrics to mark your progress. With two or more person-to-person, live web or phone meetings with your coach each month and unlimited email support, you’ll stay focused on achieving the results you want and discover that you’re changing the way you relate to your business. You’ll spend less time working IN your business as you continually experience what it means to work ON it.